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Our mission is to glorify God in serving Kenyan children by providing spiritual,
physical and emotional healing, that they may grow to impact their world.


What’s New at NV?

While Cornerstone Preparatory Academy takes shape as a new school for the Rift Valley’s neediest kids, this boy’s testimony has already captured the heart behind its promise.


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Simple Gifts
Anji Sisler, an NV/Cornerstone-Kenya team member, recently helped do home assessments to select community students for Cornerstone’s inaugural class. Her simple act of kindness, an obedience of the heart, made all the difference for one forgotten grandmother.
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Loving another person fully and freely carries with it both the risk of pain and loss and the blessing of passing on an indelible legacy to the world. Is it worth the risk?
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The Possibility of a Miracle
Emily Mendonsa shares her uniquely moving perspective on the recent NV homecoming for unwanted baby Noelle.
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Room For Two More
Things weren’t making sense on the marked road, so we chose to follow different signs that day, and the detour was far better.
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