Baby David's Story

His life almost ended before it even began. But, God had other plans for this life. Watch David's incredible story of rescue and hope.
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Listen to young Millicent share her heart, and know that she gets it – the reason she has received so much and how she plans to live as a result.

Francis' Story

Meet Francis and his family, whose lives have been transformed dramatically by Cornerstone Preparatory Academy.
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Naomi's Village

NV is a children's home located in Maai Mahiu, Kenya. Our home opened in Jan. 2011 with the hope to one day take in 100 orphaned children.
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Cornerstone Preparatory Academy

Cornerstone is a school founded in response to Kenya’s education crisis. The school educates the children of NV & the local impoverished community.
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What If?

NV has rescued 69 children, including abandoned babies, those orphaned by terrorist attacks, AIDS, disasters, & violence. What if we could do more?
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Joseph’s Story

With nothing left to lose, Joseph walked into our lives, and his request strengthened our resolve to finish Cornerstone Preparatory Academy.
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Welcome Home Baby Franklin

This is how we welcome home a baby, Naomi's Village style! You are wanted and you are loved, Baby Franklin!
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Rosemary & Nancy

Rosemary and Nancy, neglected from birth, were destined for a life of hopeless poverty until the day NV intervened and took them in.
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Evalyne's Story

See how Cornerstone Preparatory Academy changed one girl's life, and how you can help give more children the same chance.
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Naomi's Village: Lose Yourself to Dance

45 beautiful children and lots of great staff at Naomi's Village can't help but lose themselves to dance!
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