It Takes A Village

Hope Begins Now

For those who haven’t visited us in rural Kenya lately, the next five posts will update and inform you about our ministry’s incredible expansion over the last few years. Please tune in daily as we highlight one of our five key ministries in Kenya. Today we begin with a brief review of who we are as a whole.

What started as a humble children’s home in 2011 has grown into a holistic care organization that positively impacts every stage of life. From seed to thriving branches, this is our family tree – a series of ministries, programs, and initiatives led
by an all-Kenyan staff that works together to bring change and redemption to children, mothers, and the community.



The old African proverb wisely says, “It takes a village to raise a child.” Founded by Bob and Julie Mendonsa, Naomi’s Village is a dream God made possible – a community in rural Kenya that empowers marginalized children to rewrite their own futures. From early childhood development to college graduation and beyond, we provide children of all ages the resources necessary to live a bright and fruitful life.

At the heart of it all is a network of compassionate donors and volunteers sharing our love for empowering children in need. Their sponsorship provides housing, education, food, water, healthcare, counseling, spiritual care, leadership training, and more importantly, personal love and support for each child. Together we are raising a generation of leaders that will help bring an end to the orphan and education crises in Kenya.

With your help, we can continue to provide holistic, intentional, and loving care for Kenyan children in need.


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2 reviews
  • Patrick Muruli
    5:15 am - March 22, 2019. Reply

    Hi! Thanks and blessings for the good work.I’m a scout teacher and I also teach Creative Art

  • Mr Paul Wamalwa Makalaya
    3:12 am - March 29, 2019. Reply

    Comment: Dear dr Robert & Julie,it’s not easy,to resign from your work,leave
    your country & come to aforeign land majorly to assist the less fortunate.It’s only God who pay you!.Icame to Naivasha in 2014 mainly to meet with you,appreciate your work & discuss over some developmental issues.But iwas hindered by some africans with very evil minds who were on your management.From Mr Paul Wamalwa in Trans-Nzoia county,the director of Children of hope samaritan aid foundation(cohsafoundation).Plse,may iget your contact?.

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