Left Out in the Cold

On a recent winter morning in the lakeside town of Naivasha, Kenya, two sputtering lives almost ground to an early halt before ever reaching a greater significance to a world oblivious to their existence. Tiny Moses, still covered in placenta, lay in a charcoal dump at 4am, exposed to the harsh elements with only hours to spare. Unaware of the departure of his recently detached lifeline, his birthmother, he struggled for warmth. Barely a mile away on the steps of Naivasha Girls School, a desperate mother reached the end of her trying and dropped a well wrapped package on the steps, 15 month-old Mercy, malnourished and suffering from a life marked only by lack.  She weighed just 13 pounds. Life had not been kind to her.

Moses and Mercy, two children whose stories are sadly emblematic of the larger narrative of an orphan crisis that plagues Kenya, were fortunately discovered and rescued within hours of their abandonments.  Like the biblical character who was jettisoned in a river basket by his frightened mother, this orphan Moses may too grow up to change the world because of the sovereign plan of God that he be found and brought to Naomi’s Village at just 11 days old. And Mercy, who surely has received mercy beyond measure, bounced briefly through a Naivasha Safe House after her rescue before landing in the baby room at Naomi’s Village alongside her new siblings, Hannah and Naomi (and now Moses).

What next?  Grace now awaits these two lives, like nearly empty canvases on which God will paint his glory.  Redemption will play out in color again where bleak death once threatened to breed cynicism and hopelessness.  Come and listen to what He has done.  Come and see for yourself.  All our trying battles will not be lost after all.  These two victories should remind us that one day everything broken will be made right again. Everything.

– Bob Mendonsa

Moses, soon after coming home to Naomi's Village.
Moses, soon after coming home to Naomi’s Village.
Mercy and Flo, the NV social worker, at the safe house in Naivasha.
Mercy and Flo, the Naomi’s Village social worker, at the Safe House in Naivasha.
Mercy (15 months) and Hannah (10 months) playing in the baby room at NV.
Mercy (15 months) and Hannah (10 months) playing in the baby room at Naomi’s Village.

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9 reviews
  • Ramona Parkerson
    10:25 pm - May 22, 2013. Reply

    Loved your story of Moses (great name!) and Mercy. We are thankful to God that you are in the rescue business…May God bless you and your children beyond what you could hope for.

    Love, Ramona

    • Marcos
      2:05 am - December 11, 2014. Reply

      Bek, you are truly remarkable. I am so proud of you and what you have ceretad. Please send me the bank details, I would love to help fund some of these projects.

  • Lore
    7:16 pm - May 31, 2013. Reply

    Love this!

  • Carol Lynch
    10:40 pm - June 25, 2013. Reply

    Thank you for this update and God bless you and all the staff at NV for everything you are accomplishing for these precious children. Mercy is adorable!!!

  • Raschelle Loudenslager
    12:15 am - June 26, 2013. Reply

    Mercy has captured our hearts. What a precious baby girl. We pray for NV every single day. Thank you for giving us the gift of loving and caring for baby Mercy even though from afar. We hold her in our hearts as Jesus holds her in His arms!

  • Donna Hancock
    1:43 am - October 22, 2014. Reply

    How precious are these little ones that in spite of their seemingly insurmountable odds, their loving Creator saw to it that they reached Naomi’s Village and in doing so reached across the globe and touched so many hearts! I thank God for your wonderful outreach! Continuing to pray for you!

  • Adam Hoteit
    3:31 pm - December 11, 2014. Reply

    I love Moses. I am happy that I sponsered him. I wonder if I’m the youngest sponser at 10.
    Wish you guys luck.
    P.S can you keep me updated on what’s happening? Thanks

  • Adam Hoteit
    3:33 pm - December 11, 2014. Reply

    I am trying to get more sponser for #Naomi’sVillage

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