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2023 year-end giving

As we near the end of 2023, we are focusing on three initiatives:

  • Each January, we bring in a new class of fifty 3-year-olds. Our hope is to see them graduate from Cornerstone Preparatory Academy, our K-12 school, and go on to college. If we are to raise a generation of servant leaders who will work to change Kenya, we need to start as early as possible. Each of these children will need sponsors, which takes us a few months, so in the meantime we will need to provide for “all that is necessary, for every child.” $300,000 will help us to support these 3-year-olds until their new sponsors take over.
  • The second initiative is constructing a 27-classroom block that will be able to handle the growth we are expecting over the next few years. This building is vital for Cornerstone Preparatory Academy to provide transformative education to its growing number of students joining us in the coming years. This building will cost approximately $1,100,000 to complete and handle the growth for our future students.
  • Third is our Cornerstone Endowment Trust. When our children graduate from high school, we want them to go on to university or tech school and take what they have learned about servant leadership beyond the four walls of Naomi’s Village. They will continue their education, showing servant leadership in the universities they are attending. The Endowment allows us to provide for all that is needed while attending post-secondary school and starting their careers. We hope to raise over $300,000 and continue building this trust, providing for our future graduates.

Our goal is to raise $1,500,000 to fulfill these three initiatives. Please join us in providing for our Naomi’s Village family as we raise support to ensure their futures are secure. Help us raise up a generation of servant leaders who will change the future for the next generation of children.

Your Gift is Impactful

Our Kenyan staff of 200+ relies on the support of our generous donors day in and day out to provide for and love the children entrusted to Naomi’s Village and its initiatives. Your gift goes directly to the intentional care of children, ranging from infants to 19-years-old.  As the number of children we serve continues to increase, we need your help to provide all that is necessary for these children to grow and thrive.

Corporate Partnerships

Corporate partnerships provide support for special projects beyond our operational budget. This includes new buildings, reliable transportation, and recreational equipment. All support allows children to grow into healthy adults that are equipped to impact their community, country, and world.

Church Partnerships

Naomi’s Village church partners support our ministry through financial giving. This can be done through sponsoring a child or several children, giving an annual gift, or supporting a team that visits Naomi’s Village and serves in Kenya. Partner churches help to raise awareness and interest in our ministry by listing Naomi’s Village on their website, hosting our team at their church or Bible study group, and inviting others to join in the ministry in Kenya. We strive to keep our partner churches informed through regular communication and invitations to join us in ongoing efforts on the ground in Kenya.

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