Hope Begins When a Child Belongs

​Naomi’s Village is a Kenyan children’s home, preschool, and K-12 academy serving children in the Great Rift Valley.

We provide holistic, intentional, and loving care for Kenyan children in need.


To provide all that is necessary, for every child we serve, at every age, so they will grow up to be world-changers


To end Kenya’s generational poverty crisis and systemic corruption by equipping its children for compassionate and courageous leadership

Naomi’s Village is a Kenyan children’s home, preschool, and K-12 academy serving children in the Great Rift Valley.

We provide holistic, intentional, and loving care for Kenyan children in need.

We provide children of all ages the resources necessary to live a bright and fruitful life.

At the heart of it all is a network of compassionate donors, volunteers and staff who share our vision of changing Kenya from the inside out.

89 Children
Being Raised

At Naomi’s Village Home

279 Students Enrolled

At Cornerstone Preparatory Academy

100 Children Enrolled

At LEAP Preschool

150 Teams

From Around the World

Countless Lives Changed

Through Your Partnership

We Rely on Compassionate Sponsors to Support the Daily Needs of Our Delightful Children.

Naomi’s Story

The first baby girl to join Naomi’s Village as a newborn was named “Naomi” in reference to the story from the Bible that inspired our name. She was found abandoned in a field in the Spring of 2012, weighing only 3 lbs. We brought her home after a brief stay in the hospital to cheers and joyous celebration.

Naomi, a central figure in the book of Ruth, tragically lost her husband and two sons within 10 years time. She became despondent and renamed herself “Mara,” meaning bitter. God brought joy to her life through Boaz and a new baby to carry on her lineage. That baby grew up to become King David’s grandfather, in the direct lineage of Jesus Christ.

Like Naomi, our children at Naomi’s Village have endured great loss and hurt. Many have thought they were forgotten by God. Yet, we know He has not forgotten them. He sees them as “beautiful, pleasant, and delightful” children that He dearly loves. They are no longer orphans! He has restored them to a family and given them a place to belong. The restoring love of Christ continues to make beauty from ashes. We are honored to have a front-row seat to this daily miracle at Naomi’s Village.


Share in the great joy and celebration of Naomi’s legacy by sponsoring a child, volunteering or contributing to one of our Current Needs.

Make an Impact with Your Gift…


Sponsor a LEAP Preschooler

Sponsor a LEAP Preschooler

An opportunity to sponsor a future leader of Kenya

Our LEAP Preschoolers are encouraged to dream big, play hard, and as they often sing "be a light for Jesus!" In July of 2021, we welcomed back the four-year-old class of 50 and a brand new class of 50 three-year-olds! For our new class, we are beginning to lay a strong foundation for a lifetime of successful learning. As this is a new beginning, our preschoolers need your support! Meet our 100 preschoolers and through sponsorship, join us in encouraging a child as they embark on a journey where they are destined to achieve their greatest dreams.

Sponsor a LEAP Preschooler

MTOTO: Serving Expectant Mothers and Infants

MTOTO: Serving Expectant Mothers and Infants

Invest in the Future of Kenya

Launched in 2019, our MTOTO Early Childhood Program empowers mothers with the knowledge and resources to raise healthy babies and toddlers, who will then be welcomed into LEAP Preschool at age 3. We do this through one-on-one in home training and a 12-week community Parenting Course. This initiative of Naomi's Village is a wonderful opportunity to invest in real change beginning at the earliest stage of life in Kenya.


Cornerstone Preparatory Academy Expansion

Cornerstone Preparatory Academy Expansion

An opportunity to expand

On opening day in 2016,  just 100 children attended Cornerstone Preparatory Academy. Five years later, that number has grown to nearly 300 students seeking a quality education daily. Extraordinary future leaders of Kenya now fill our current Cornerstone classroom spaces, providing all the impetus we need to continue expanding. Please help us to construct the facilities necessary to educate 1000 students at a time.

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U.S. Administrative Needs

U.S. Administrative Needs

US Administrative Needs

Our mission is to build a bold, forward-thinking, business and ministry blueprint, and U.S. infrastructure plan needed to drive objectives and key initiatives established through the 2021 three-year strategic plan.

Included are the following goals:

- Transitioning from primarily part-time to full-time employees

- Migrating to a single-silo technology solution to improve operational efficiencies and effectiveness

- Commitment to total transparency, detailed communication, and research verified ministry execution

- Objectives to expand student capacity in Kenya, donor base, and annual revenue

- Key Initiatives focused on Middle/High School expansion, U.S. college partnerships for Kenyan students, establishing partnerships with healthy Kenyan-led ministries, building a more structured and larger Kenyan sponsorship coordination team, establishing credit coursework for U.S. university students in Kenya, and fully funding the MTOTO Program

The U.S. Administration's three-year strategic plan provides the framework to support the vision of ending generational poverty in Kenya by equipping its children for compassionate and courageous leadership.


Cornerstone Endowment

Cornerstone Endowment

$650,000 of $10,000,000 Funded

The Cornerstone Endowment will:

-Fund scholarships, college educations, and vocational training for Cornerstone students after secondary school graduation.

-Provide financial support for future social impact ministries in Kenya to be started by Cornerstone students once they are college graduates.

-Provide capital for Cornerstone's future development, including additional facilities, other infrastructure, and income-generating projects.

-Generate funds to support the Cornerstone operating budget during times when child sponsor funds and funds from income-generating projects are insufficient to meet needs.

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Naomi’s Village Current Needs

Naomi’s Village Current Needs

Naomi's Village Current Needs

Through your generous support, we are able to provide for the most immediate needs of Naomi's Village. From the basic needs of both our Naomi's Village Home and community children to more operational needs for our various initiatives, your contribution is vital. When you give to our current needs, we are able to identify and disperse funds where they are urgently required. Your gift helps to ensure a limitless future for our children, where they will grow into adults equipped to impact their community, country, and world.


Founded in 2011 by Bob and Julie Mendonsa, Naomi’s Village is a dream God crafted from the ground up. We are a community in rural Kenya that inspires greatness in our children by instilling the value of excellence in all things, starting at the very beginning in our home.

We believe that love changes everything.

And together, we are guided by love and humility as our village raises a generation of leaders that will aid in ending the orphan and education crises in Kenya.

Meet the Founders

Bob and Julie Mendonsa moved to Kenya in 2008 and broke ground on Naomi’s Village Home in 2009. They work together full-time at Naomi’s Village in daily administration, the holistic care of children, team member training, and directing fundraising efforts. Bob and Julie plan to live in Kenya indefinitely to help raise Naomi’s Village’s children as future leaders of their nation.

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