Cornerstone Preparatory Academy

Sponsor a student from the neighboring communities along the Trans-African Highway

Naomi’s Village Home

See the children living the NV children’s home in need of sponsors

L.E.A.P Pre-School

Learn more about our preschoolers who are receiving a jump-start on their education

Every child listed is in need of sponsors. We invite you to sponsor a child and join the Naomi’s Village family today!

Your gift provides the means for a child to flourish at Naomi’s Village, including:


Food for a nutritional, balanced diet

Clothing, including shoes and coats

School tuition, books, and uniforms, if the child is school age

Preschool learning materials for children who are not yet school age

Medical exams and medications

Clean water for drinking, showering, and cooking


As we approach a new DECADE of ministry, we encourage you to ask God if He is calling you to sponsor a child. Looking to learn more about what child sponsorship looks like at Naomi’s Village? Please email us at

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