Ian Mwai 

Ian would be happy riding a bicycle for hours and hours. His father is a shoemaker and his mom is a hairdresser. Ian is the oldest of two children.





Shirleen Nyambura 

Shirleen is happiest when she’s singing. Her mom operates a roadside vegetable stand and her dad is a manual laborer. Shirleen is the oldest of two children.




Jane Wangechi

Despite losing all of her immediate family at a young age, Jane is thriving. A good-hearted neighbor adopted Jane in 2017, after Jane’s biological mother became terminally ill.   Jane enjoys playing group games, like jumping rope, with her friends. French fries and chicken are her two favorite foods.  Her teachers describe Jane as an intelligent, outgoing, and friendly child who loves writing and reading. Jane aspires to become a pediatrician when she grows up.






George Mburu

George is a playful, active boy who enjoys soccer. He wants to be a bus driver when he grows up. If George could be any animal, he would want to be a lion.

George helps his mom at home by running errands. His parents separated in 2012. His mom is a farmer and also washes clothes to help make ends meet. George has 4 older siblings.







Paul Waithaka

Paul is a quiet and reserved child, but he dreams of becoming a salesman someday. His favorite color is red, and his favorite animal is a zebra. 

He’s an only child, and lives with his father and his grandparents.



Hellen Wangui 

Hellen lives with both parents. She is the 4th of 5 children. 

Her hobbies include reading, playing, and she also enjoys helping with household chores like sweeping the house. Her teacher describes Hellen as quiet and reserved but always smiling.





Dennis Kamau 

Dennis loves playing with his friends and is a great dancer. He’s the oldest of three children. He lives with his single mom, who earns a living selling snacks from a roadside stand.



Faith Muthoni

Faith lives with both parents and has three older brothers. Her brother John Ngugi attends Cornerstone. Both her parents are farmers, and her father also harvests sand.

Faith is attentive to detail. She loves singing, playing with dolls, and could listen to stories all day.