Serving Our Community Families

Maendeleo Initiative


Every child served by the ministries of Naomi’s Village has a story, and that story ties them to a community and a family. In order to holistically serve these children, we must serve their communities as well.


We partner with surrounding communities to help further their development and enhance their vitality.


We accomplish this by addressing these key issues:

1. Basic Needs

We partner with families to provide affordable solutions for everyday living needs such as solar lighting, rain collection and storage equipment, appropriate sleeping arrangements for kids, nutritional meal packets, and water purification units.


2. Spiritual Health

We minister to the needs of our community families through evangelism, discipleship, prayer, and community worship.


3. Emotional Health

Through relationship building, our social workers and counselors seek to understand and meet the unique emotional needs of single mothers, victims of abuse, and addicts.


4. Capacity Building

We equip community members to become self-sufficient through skills training programs in agriculture and business, while providing access to funding through guided table banking groups and microfinancing.


5. Physical Health

To raise awareness of and assist with solutions to relevant health concerns, we provide educational forums and seminars covering topics such as gender-based violence, feminine health issues, and general hygiene.


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