Internship FAQs

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Internship FAQs

Thank you for your interest in the internship program at Naomi’s Village!

Naomi’s Village welcomes interns throughout the year to serve with us and learn more about our organization and community. Here you will find information about the internship program.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please email our Director of Volunteer Services at


Why does Naomi’s Village welcome short-term volunteers such as interns?

In the years since Naomi’s Village was founded, hundreds of volunteers from all over the world have blessed our children and staff with their time, energy, talents, love, and friendship. In doing so, they have made our family richer, encouraged us time and time again, and helped our ministry to run more smoothly. Furthermore, volunteers often return home ready and excited to tell others about Naomi’s Village, which has helped us raise awareness and funds.

Serving with Naomi’s Village and building relationships with our children and staff also has the potential to benefit volunteers themselves. Volunteers have the opportunity to learn from and be impacted by new friendships, immersion in our community, and interaction with a different culture and lifestyle. We hope that visitors to Naomi’s Village will be challenged to see the world differently and inspired to make long-term commitments to a more compassionate and generous lifestyle.

What are the goals of the internship program?

The first goal is to facilitate the building of meaningful relationships between the interns and our staff and children, without which there will be little significant impact made through the internship program. This goal is consistent with Kenyan culture, which values relationships above all else.

The second goal of our internship program is reciprocal learning. Interns have the opportunity to learn both work and life skills while serving at Naomi’s Village. We expect interns to join our efforts with an open mind and a humble spirit, ready to learn from the children and staff at Naomi’s Village. Similarly, Naomi’s Village also looks forward to learning from the unique skills and perspectives of every intern.


Who is allowed to participate in the internship program?

Interns must be at least 20 years old or have completed one year of college. We also require that interns be in good health for service in rural Kenya and pass a certified background check. Apart from these basic requirements, we welcome anyone to apply for an internship at Naomi’s Village.

How long is the internship program?

The internship program lasts six to eight weeks.

When does Naomi’s Village host interns?

Although most interns choose to serve during the summer months (May- Aug), Naomi’s Village does host interns at other times of the year. If you are a prospective intern interested in coming at a time other than summer, please make this clear on your application.




Where do interns stay?

Interns stay at the guesthouse on the Naomi’s Village property, a comfortable, safe, and well-furnished facility with separate wings for men and women. The house includes a large common area with dining space and couches, a kitchen, a laundry room, and a family-style apartment. Wi-Fi and cable TV are provided at no extra charge, and rooms have 110v outlets for American plugs.

Is food provided by the guesthouse?

Yes, food is provided by the guesthouse. A chef cooks delicious lunches and dinners each day, and eggs/bread/fruit/cereal/coffee/juice/etc. are available for breakfasts. The water at the guesthouse is safe to drink.


What do interns typically do?

Interns can expect to serve in a wide variety of roles. These include helping with daily tasks at Naomi’s Village Children’s Home such as caring for babies and toddlers, folding laundry, washing dishes, checking homework, doing community service projects with the children, and more. At nearby LEAP Preschool and Cornerstone Preparatory Academy, volunteers may read to young students during story time, lead chapel, participate in collaborative trainings with teachers or social workers, or help coach PE classes.

Volunteers also sometimes engage with the community by interacting with and assisting partner ministries. These include AIC Kijabe Hospital and CURE Intl. Hospital (nearby mission hospitals), as well as other local orphanages and schools.

College or graduate-level students have previously taken on specific projects, research studies, or shadowing commitments based on their skills and academic interests. For instance, past interns have shadowed and assisted nurses and social workers, catalogued and organized our library, assisted with building construction, and finished substantial visual media projects during their stay in Kenya. Naomi’s Village will work with each student intern to develop a plan that suits the intern’s interests and capabilities as well as the needs of our organization.

Is it possible for interns to take a safari during their trip?

Yes. Not only is it possible to take a safari, but we highly recommend that interns do so. Kenya is a beautiful country with many national parks that are easy to visit. Interns can arrange to take a day trip to Nakuru National Park or spend a few days before/after their time at Naomi’s Village in the Maasai Mara National Reserve.


How much does it generally cost to travel to Kenya?

Flight costs vary widely depending on the time of year, airline, location of departure, class of ticket, etc. Tickets prices generally run from $700 – $2000 round-trip, and can fluctuate significantly day-to-day.

What is the estimated cost of an internship at Naomi’s Village?

Excluding airfare, interns can expect to pay roughly $3000. This cost covers ground transportation in Kenya, salaries of NV staff involved in caring for volunteers and planning their trip (guesthouse staff and employees in our office in Texas), guesthouse fee, food, and more. The exact cost of a trip can be determined once volunteers’ schedules are set.

Is this a paid internship?

Because we are a nonprofit entity, Naomi’s Village does not pay interns a salary.

Is it possible to fundraise to offset the cost of interning at Naomi’s Village?

Yes, and many interns do. Donors giving to Naomi’s Village, Inc. to support interns are eligible for tax deductions, because we are a registered 501(c)(3).

How to Apply



How do I apply for the Naomi’s Village internship program?

First, prospective interns should complete and submit the written application found on the Naomi’s Village website. Then, Naomi’s Village will read applications and notify those applicants who were chosen for interview within a few weeks. There will be two rounds of interviews.

When will applicants be notified about whether they’ve been selected for the internship program?

Once notified, selected applicants will have 2 weeks to accept or decline the internship offered.

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