Short-Term Volunteer FAQs

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Short-Term Volunteer FAQs

Thank you for your interest in serving with us at Naomi’s Village!

Here you will find answers to some of the most common questions from potential volunteers. We hope they will help you understand more about our short-term volunteer program and determine if you’d like to participate.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please email our Director of Volunteer Services at


Why Does Naomi's Village Welcome Short-Term Volunteers?

Since Naomi’s Village was founded in 2011, over one thousand visiting volunteers from all over the world have blessed our children and staff with their time, energy, talents, love, and resources. By doing so, they have made our family richer, encouraging us as we passed through valleys and over peaks, and helping our ministry to run more smoothly. Furthermore, volunteers have then returned home ready and excited to tell others about Naomi’s Village, which has helped us raise awareness and funds to confidently continue realizing our vision to brighten Kenya’s future through our children.

Not surprisingly, serving with Naomi’s Village and building relationships with our children and staff has also greatly benefited volunteers themselves. Visitors to our ministry have learned from and been impacted by new friendships, immersion in our community, interaction with a different culture and lifestyle, and more. We hope that future short-term visitors to Naomi’s Village will continue to be challenged to see the world differently and inspired to make long-term commitments to a more compassionate, sacrificial, and generous lifestyle.

What are the goals of the short-term volunteer program?

The first goal of the short-term volunteer program is to facilitate the building of meaningful relationships between visitors and our staff and children. This is a goal that is consistent with Kenyan culture, which values relationships above all else.

The second goal of our volunteer program is reciprocal learning. We look forward to the opportunity to learn from the various skills and perspectives of volunteers. Similarly, we hope that volunteers will serve with an open mind and a humble spirit, ready to learn from our children and staff at Naomi’s Village.

Volunteer Requirements

Who is allowed to volunteer at Naomi’s Village?

We welcome individuals of all nationalities and faith backgrounds to serve with us at Naomi’s Village, provided that they are in good health and pass a background check. Young children must be accompanied by parents or caregivers.

How do I apply to serve at Naomi’s Village as a short-term volunteer?

To apply to serve at Naomi’s Village, fill out the short-term volunteer application on the website, found on the Volunteer page.

How long are volunteers allowed to serve at Naomi’s Village?

Most volunteers serve at Naomi’s Village for 1-2 weeks. Short-term volunteers may not serve for more than 2 weeks at a time. Individuals who are interested in serving for a longer period of time may apply for our 6-8 week internship program.


Do volunteers usually visit Naomi’s Village in groups or individually?

Most volunteers visit Naomi’s Village as part of a group, or “team” of people. However, visiting as part of a team is not a requirement.

How do I join a team?

To find out if we have any teams with space for more volunteers, please send us an email.

How do I lead a team?

If you are interested in leading a team, please indicate your interest at the end of the short-term volunteer application found on the website.

What is the recommended size of a team?

The maximum number of people that can be on a team depends on how much space is available in the guesthouse at a given time. Although we can accommodate up to 29 people, most teams are generally made up of 8-15 people. Team leaders should consider the ages, maturity levels, and relationships among team members carefully when deciding how many people to bring to Naomi’s Village.



What do volunteers generally do during their visit to Naomi’s Village?

Volunteers can engage in a variety of activities while serving at Naomi’s Village. They typically spend the majority of their time at Naomi’s Village, LEAP Preschool, or Cornerstone Preparatory Academy, our primary school, getting involved with whatever is already going on. This could include helping care for the babies and toddlers, reading books during story time, leading chapel, folding laundry, doing dishes, helping with homework, doing community service projects with our children, and more. Some volunteers have special skills or training (such as teaching, nursing, construction, coaching, music, etc.) and are able to hold collaborative workshops.

Volunteers also engage with the community beyond Naomi’s Village by interacting with and learning from beloved friends and partner ministries. These include Ubuntu (a school/daycare center for children with special needs in Maai Mahiu that also trains/employs their mothers), AIC Kijabe Hospital and CURE International (two nearby mission hospitals), and other local childcare facilities and schools.

Is it possible to take a safari while in Kenya volunteering at Naomi’s Village?

Yes! Not only is it possible to take a safari, but we highly recommend that you do so. Kenya is a beautiful country with many natural parks that are easy to visit. Visitors can arrange to take a day safari to Nakuru National Park (90 minutes away by road) sometime during their stay at the guesthouse or spend a few days before/after their time at Naomi’s Village staying at a lodge in the Maasai Mara Game Preserve (4 hours away by road/ 1 hour by air). Our capable staff can help assist your team to get reasonable rates for travel and accommodation. They can also suggest alternative options for sightseeing day trips (Mt. Longonot National Park, Crescent Island, Giraffe Center, Kazuri Bead Center, David Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage, etc.).



Where do Naomi’s Village volunteers usually stay during their visit?

Volunteers typically stay at the guesthouse on the Naomi’s Village property, which is comfortable, safe, and well-furnished. There are separate sleeping quarters and bathrooms for men and women, a large common area with dining space and couches, a kitchen, a laundry room, and a small, family-style apartment. Wi-Fi and cable TV are also provided, and all rooms have 110v outlets for American plugs.

How many people can fit in the guesthouse?

In total, the guesthouse can accommodate 29 people. There are separate wings for men and women that each have capacity for 12 people, and there is a 2-bedroom apartment with its own separate bathroom and living area that sleeps a family of 5.

Is food provided for guests staying at the guesthouse?

Yes, the guesthouse provides meals for its guests, which are included in the daily cost for room and board. A chef cooks delicious lunches and dinners daily, and eggs, bread, fruit, cereal, coffee, juice, etc. are available for breakfasts.

Is the water at the guesthouse safe to drink?

Yes, the designated drinking water provided at the guesthouse and in the Naomi’s Village dining hall is triple-filtered to ensure that it is safe for our children, staff, and visitors to drink.



How do volunteers get to Naomi’s Village?

Volunteers fly into Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi (airport code NBO) and are then driven from Nairobi to Naomi’s Village by van or bus via safe, well-traveled routes on major highways. Depending on the hour of arrival at the airport, volunteers may spend the first night at a reputable guest house in Nairobi before coming out to Naomi’s Village the next day.

Is it possible to book flights through Naomi’s Village, Inc.?

Yes, Naomi’s Village, Inc. partners with a travel agent who is available to help volunteers arrange flights.

Once in Kenya, how do volunteers get around?

Depending on the size of their group, Naomi’s Village volunteers travel within Kenya by car, van, or small bus with private Kenyan drivers (Naomi’s Village vehicles when available vs. chartered when not). Vehicles and drivers are normally arranged by Naomi’s Village and paid for by volunteers at prearranged rates.

For liability reasons, volunteers will not be allowed to drive themselves or other team members around while on short-term missions with Naomi’s Village in Kenya.


How much does it generally cost to travel to Kenya?

Flight costs vary considerably, depending on the season, airline, location of departure, etc. Round-trip tickets range from $700 – $2000, and prices can fluctuate dramatically from day to day. Generally speaking, earlier booking leads to better pricing.

What is the total cost of a trip to Naomi’s Village?

Not including flight expenses, the cost of a trip up to ten days is approximately $1,000 per person. Trips longer than ten days will be slightly higher depending on the number of days in Kenya.

This cost covers transportation in Kenya, deposit, guesthouse daily rates, extra meals or snacks eaten outside of Naomi’s Village, community outreach, and more. This cost does not include flights, sightseeing or safaris.

Is it possible to fundraise to offset the cost of volunteering at Naomi’s Village?

Yes, and many volunteers do. Because Naomi’s Village, Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) charitable entity under the IRS tax code, donors who give through our nonprofit to support a volunteer’s trip are making a tax-deductible contribution. If you are a potential volunteer who is interested in fundraising through Naomi’s Village to offset the cost of your trip, please inform your team leader.

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