Samuel Kamau 

Samuel is the 7th of 9 children. He lives with both parents. His father is a night watchman and his mom does manual labor.  

If Samuel could be an animal, he’d chose to be a rabbit. Playing soccer and eating mandazi (a Kenyan doughnut) are his favorite activities. When he grows up, he wants to be a chef.



Brandon Njoroge

Brandon lives with both parents. His mom is a housewife and his father drives a bus. Brandon’s twin sister Sheila also attends Cornerstone.

Brandon is a social and active boy, and loves playing soccer with his siblings. His teacher describes him as being goal-oriented, creative, and having the character of a leader. 



Joy Wanjiku 

Joy lives with her single mother. She loves writing and playing soccer. Her teacher describes her as being organized and neat. 

Her older sister Ruth works as a janitor at Cornerstone. 




Samuel Mbugua 

Samuel likes playing soccer and helping at home by washing dishes. He thinks he might want to be a truck driver someday. His favorite subject is math, and his favorite animal is a horse.

He lives with both parents, and is the oldest of two kids. His mother is a teacher and his father is a mason.







Kelvin Mwaura

Kelvin likes playing soccer and helps at home by washing dishes. Kelvin’s teacher describes him as creative and playful.

He lives with both parents, and is the oldest of two kids. Kelvin’s mother is a farmer and his father is a mason, who also does odd jobs to support the family.



Samuel Karanja Thuo

Samuel lives with both parents. His mother is a teacher and his father sells second-hand clothing. Samuel is the oldest of two children.

Samuel’s a shy, smily boy who loves soccer. His favorite animal is a chicken, because he loves to eat eggs. He enjoys math and has dreams of becoming a pilot someday. 


Angeline Wambui

Angeline lives with her single mother and is the youngest of three children. 

She’s an outgoing, carefree spirit who dances to the beat of her own drum. Her favorite animal is a lion, and she’s happiest when she’s jumping rope at recess. Angeline wants to be a teacher someday. 

Her older brother Samuel Njuguna also attends Cornerstone. 



Esther Njambi 

Esther’s household chores include sweeping the house and doing the dishes. She lives with her mom and is the 3rd of 4 children. Her mom works as a manual laborer.

Esther’s favorite color is red, and her favorite animal is a giraffe. In school, she loves studying English, and aspires to grow up to be a teacher.



Shaine Wambui 

Shaine lives with her single mother and is the oldest of two children. Her mom is employed as a manual laborer.

Shaine is a hardworking student with a can-do attitude. She dreams of becoming a police officer. Her favorite game is jump rope, and her favorite animal is a giraffe.



Nicholas Ndirangu

Nicholas lives with his parents, who are both blind. He is the youngest of 4 children.

He’s a quiet and reserved child. Nicholas would love to be a teacher or a farmer when he grows up. His favorite subject is English. If Nicolas could be any animal, he would choose to be an elephant.