Mary Wanjira 

Mary lives with both parents. Her parents are sometimes employed as manual laborers. Her sister, Rahab Kyalo, also attends Cornerstone.

She is a quiet, reserved girl, but she asks lots of good questions. She also loves soccer. Her favorite animal is the giraffe because of its beautiful skin. Math is her best subject, and she dreams of one day becoming a doctor. 








Susan Wangari

Susan is a delightful girl with a great sense of humor. Susan’s mother abandoned her and her older sister. She now lives with her grandparents, who are both too old to work.


Thomas Kairu

Thomas is a reserved child. His teacher says he can count better than anyone in his class. He’s also good at English and soccer. He lives with both parents and his brother. His older brother Joseph also attends Cornerstone. His dad is a farmer and his mother runs a small roadside shop.


Winny Wairimu

Winny is the second born of four children. Winny helps her mom at home with small chores, and loves playing with her friends. Her dad abandoned the family when Winny’s mom refused to terminate her fourth pregnancy. Winny’s older sister, Sherleen, also attends Cornerstone.


Abigael Wairimu

Abigael is an outgoing and sweet child, with a great sense of humor. She is the youngest of three girls. She lives with her mom and siblings. Her parents are separated. Abigael’s older sister Dalfa also attends Cornerstone, and her mom works at Cornerstone as a janitor.



Dorcas Njeri 

Dorcas lives with her mother and is the youngest of seven children. Her niece (and best friend), Elizabeth Nyakio, also attends Cornerstone. Another niece, Esther Wanjiru, attends LEAP Academy.

Dorcas’ teacher describes her as outspoken and inquisitive. She excels at science, and has aspirations of becoming a doctor.






Elizabeth Nyakio

Elizabeth is an affectionate girl, who loves to sing and dance. She dreams of becoming a doctor, and her favorite subject is English.

Her aunt (Dorcas Njeri) also attends Cornerstone. Elizabeth and Dorcas are inseparable. Elizabeth’s younger sister Esther Wanjiru attends LEAP Academy.

Elizabeth lives with her mother and her grandmother.






Jane Wangari

Jane is an outgoing and playful child. She lives with both parents and two older brothers. Her parents are employed selling wood, and working in a small grocery shop.


Joseph Mwaura Muthithi 

Joseph lives with his grandparents.  He’s the oldest of two children.

Joseph likes soccer, and helping with the house cleaning.

His teacher describes him as a quiet and soft-spoken child. Joseph’s best subject is math, and he has dreams of being a pilot someday. His favorite animal is the elephant.



Jane Muthoni 

Jane’s parents are separated, and her mother works as a manual laborer. Jane’s older sister, Veronicah, also attends Cornerstone.

Her teacher describes Jane as a very bright girl. Her favorite subject is English and she wants to be a teacher when she grows up. Jane enjoys jumping rope and hopscotch. Cats are her favorite animal.