Middle/ High School Construction

By January 2020, 250 students will fill Cornerstone Preparatory Academy’s 10 standard-size classrooms, spilling over into vocational training rooms in the gym. We need more space for middle and high school students matriculating from lower grade levels. 76,000 ft. of new buildings have already been designed to bring enrollment to 1,000.

Estimated cost: $2.3 million

Please give to help make this next phase of our vision a reality.

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COVID-19 Relief Fund

Gifts given towards the Naomi’s Village COVID- 19 Relief Fund will be used in the following ways :

– Planting crops on the acreage at Cornerstone Preparatory Academy in order to provide both food and
employment for families
– Finishing the drilling of a new borehole for clean water for farming and drinking
– Providing health resources (hand sanitizer, soap and bleach) and health information to families in the Great
Rift Valley
– Continuing to provide a high standard of education for Naomi’s Village Home children, as well as children
from the community
– Offering spiritual and emotional support to our community families with weekly check-ins
– Continuing to employ as many Kenyans as possible throughout this crisis





Community Development Initiatives- $100,000 MATCH!

Facing the challenge of caring for our precious students and their families during the closure of our school in 2020, Cornerstone Preparatory Academy’s team boldly reshaped our ministry’s focus towards community outreach. Our yellow school buses became branded relief vehicles that delivered thousands of pounds of vital food and supplies to struggling children and their families. Large swaths of our 24-acre school property awaiting construction of buildings were transformed into fertile fields of nutritious potatoes, cabbages, peas, beans, and chia plants. Hundreds of jobless locals were employed monthly to plant, cultivate, and harvest crops, as well as to perform other necessary work at Cornerstone.

Our staff continued going into community homes and villages, paying attention to concerns and meeting them. Several pressing needs have surfaced during those life-changing months of 2020:

• A collective of local pastors and leaders who represent 6,000 families without a consistent source of water have formed a legal entity, bought a small plot in the nearby hills, and successfully drilled a very productive water borehole. They have a proposal in place that calls for a submersible pump, process equipment, a generator, 6-mile water line, storage tanks, and permits. Bob, Julie and one of the match donors have visited the borehole in person and would oversee the project. Total estimated need $90,000

• Land acquisition to expand our community agriculture initiatives, job provision, training in farming (aquaponics, rabbit husbandry, greenhouses, modern farming techniques). Cost $12,000 per acre x 8 acres minimum = $96,000

• Purchase of our first large tractor for use in farming, construction, local road repairs, rescue efforts during rainy season, etc. = $14,000 We are excited to announce a $100,000 matching donation to help Cornerstone and the community it serves to thrive and grow in 2021. All contributions made before Jan 31, 2021 will be matched dollar for dollar. Please help us meet our goals for our community and the students of Cornerstone! Make your pledge today.




Children Without Sponsors

Your tax-deductible donation will help provide all that is needed to properly care for children waiting for ongoing sponsorship.







Cornerstone Current Needs

As our school grows in student population, so do our needs. Help provide items such as uniforms, desks, tables, library furnishings, and much more!



Naomi’s Village Current Needs

By partnering with Naomi’s Village, your funds go directly to the immediate and physical needs of children living along the Trans-African highway and also provide for special projects beyond our operational budget. Special projects in need of corporate sponsorships include new buildings, reliable transportation, and recreational equipment that allows children and students to grow into healthy and impactful adults. From clothes, to nutritious meals, to holistic mental and physical care, your support makes it possible for us to care for these children day in and day out.