Tabitha Wambui

Tabitha is inventive and crafty. She creates her own dolls, and strings beads to make necklaces for friends. She is consistently joyful, and nothing makes her happier than jumping rope.  Both of Tabitha’s parents do manual labor and odd jobs to support their family. Tabitha is the youngest of three children.



Joseph Kamonde

Joseph is a boisterous young man. To get from one place to the next he either runs or skips. He loves nothing more than kicking a soccer ball around with his siblings. Cats and dogs are his favorite animals.  Joseph lives with his stepfather and mother, who are both manual laborers. His older sister Damaris also attends LEAP Preschool, and his older brother Paul attends Cornerstone.



Angeline Wambui

Angeline lives with her single mother and is the youngest of three children. 

She’s an outgoing, carefree spirit who dances to the beat of her own drum. Her favorite animal is a lion, and she’s happiest when she’s jumping rope at recess. Angeline wants to be a teacher someday. 

Her older brother Samuel Njuguna also attends Cornerstone. 


Samuel Kamau 

Samuel is the 7th of 9 children. He lives with both parents. His father is a night watchman and his mom does manual labor.  

If Samuel could be an animal, he’d chose to be a rabbit. Playing soccer and eating mandazi (a Kenyan doughnut) are his favorite activities. When he grows up, he wants to be a chef.



Dennis Kiragu

Dennis is a cheerful boy, who especially loves driving Matchbox cars, and playing soccer with his older brother. His favorite animals are cats, baby goats, and sheep. At school, Dennis is fascinated by watching and learning from the other children.  Dennis lives with his single mom, who does manual labor to support her two children.



Stephen Kiarie

Stephen lives with his father and mother. There are five children in the family.
His favorite activity is soccer. Stephen’s older brother Kelvin also attends Cornerstone.


Winny Wairimu

Winny is the second born of four children. Winny helps her mom at home with small chores, and loves playing with her friends. Her dad abandoned the family when Winny’s mom refused to terminate her fourth pregnancy. Winny’s older sister, Sherleen, also attends Cornerstone.


Christine N

Christine N. is a bright light in the big girls’ dorm. She loves to spend time with her sister, Anastasia. She has big dreams of becoming a pilot and loves to read stories of adventure. She is also very active on the soccer field, always giving it her best!

Jane Wangari

Jane is an outgoing and playful child. She lives with both parents and two older brothers. Her parents are employed selling wood, and working in a small grocery shop.



Joel is an incredibly talented artist and soccer player. He loves to socialize and spend time with his friends and his sister Esther. Joel aspires to be an actor on the big screen and wants to appear in only the coolest action movies.