Michael Njoroge Nioki

Michael lives with his mother, and is the last born of three children in the family.

Michael may be a future soccer star; he is incredibly talented for his age. He’s happiest when he’s building towers, doing puzzles, or playing with marbles. His teacher describes him as an eager learner.



Shaniz Wanjiku

Shaniz is the life of the party. She’s bubbly and energetic, and into everything. She especially loves painting, and will happily paint your face if you let her.

Shaniz lives with both parents and is the youngest of two children.



Susan Wangui

Susan lives with her mother, and her older brother and sister. Her sister Grace Tigia also attends Cornerstone. Her mother is a farmer.

Even though she’s not the brightest child in the class, Susan is a persistent and determined student. She is an introvert and loves playing with dolls.



Deborah Wambui

Deborah is the tiniest child in her class, and often gets “mothered” by the other students. She’s great at coloring, science, and singing. At playtime, Deborah loves building with Legos.

Deborah lives with her mom, who is a manual laborer, and her 5 siblings.




Jane Waithera

Jane is a sweet and affectionate girl. She’s artistic and happiest when she’s coloring. She also likes to jump rope.

Jane lives with both parents, and is the 4th of 5 children. Her dad is a night watchman. 



John Mwaniki

John lives with both parents and is the 8th of 9 children. His father is a night watchman and his mother does manual labor.

John loves coloring and active play, especially soccer.



Francis Mwangi

Francis lives with both parents. His mother is a farmer and his father is a mason and does other manual labor.

Francis is the youngest of two children. His older brother Kelvin Maura attends Cornerstone.

Francis is the brightest student in his class. His teacher is impressed by the fact that he has not once caused her any trouble. His favorite activity is story time, closely followed by soccer, and he also loves to build with blocks.




Gifton Kariuki

Gifton lives with both parents. His mother owns a roadside vegetable stand and his father does manual labor. He is their only child.

Gifton loves building, especially with magnetic building tiles, and is talkative and always eager to learn. He is fascinated by insects, and also a talented soccer player.



Prince Kariuki

Prince lives with his single mother, who owns a small vegetable stand. He is the youngest of 6 children.

Prince is a talkative, joyful and energetic child who likes to draw. He loves matchbox cars, playing soccer, and playing with home-made toys.