Mary Nyambura

Mary is most content when she is helping with domestic chores, especially laundry and dishes. Imaginative play comes very easily to Mary, and she often pretends to be a chef. Mary has aspirations of becoming a doctor.  Mary’s dad is employed at the local butchery, and her mom does manual labor. Her younger sister Mary Maina also attends LEAP Preschool. Mary is the third of five children in the family.



Geoffrey Kimani

Geoffrey never walks – he skips. He has a sunny disposition and a magnetic personality. Playing soccer and building his own toy cars are two of his favorite pastimes.

Geoffrey’s parents are currently separated, and Geoffrey lives with his father and four siblings.



Shaine Wambui 

Shaine lives with her single mother and is the oldest of two children. Her mom is employed as a manual laborer.

Shaine is a hardworking student with a can-do attitude. She dreams of becoming a police officer. Her favorite game is jump rope, and her favorite animal is a giraffe.



Hannah Wambui

Hannah is an only child, and lives with her grandmother. Her grandmother keeps chickens for a living.

Hannah is very intelligent, and enjoys babies and younger children. At school, she loves English and reading.



Hellen Wangui 

Hellen lives with both parents. She is the 4th of 5 children. 

Her hobbies include reading, playing, and she also enjoys helping with household chores like sweeping the house. Her teacher describes Hellen as quiet and reserved but always smiling.





Dorcas Kibe

Dorcas is a great listener, which makes life easy for her teachers. She loves running and playing soccer.

Dorcas’ mother manages a small roadside vegetable stand to help support her two children.





Andrew is such a confident little guy. You can always find him singing a new song he learned at school or showing off his dance moves with his friends. He loves to watch cartoons, especially Mickey Mouse, with David and Sammy.



Fierce and strong, Ann leads others well. She has a service-oriented heart and always offers to help her friends and aunties. Her heart is big and wide, and she is accepting and compassionate toward everyone. There is always room at Ann’s table for one more.



Chris is everyone’s friend. He cannot pass by a soccer game without joining in and showing off his incredible skills. He aspires to be a driver when he grows up because he wants to visit different places in Kenya.


Deborah Wambui

Deborah is the tiniest child in her class, and often gets “mothered” by the other students. She’s great at coloring, science, and singing. At playtime, Deborah loves building with Legos.

Deborah lives with her mom, who is a manual laborer, and her 5 siblings.