Amos Kibui 

Amos has dreams of becoming a policeman when he grows up. His favorite animals are goats, and his best subject in school is English. Amos loves to play soccer and helps at home by washing the dishes.

He lives with his mom and is the 4th of 6 children. His mom is a manual laborer. Amos’s sister Deborah Wambui attends LEAP Academy.


Jane Wangechi

Despite losing all of her immediate family at a young age, Jane is thriving. A good-hearted neighbor adopted Jane in 2017, after Jane’s biological mother became terminally ill.   Jane enjoys playing group games, like jumping rope, with her friends. French fries and chicken are her two favorite foods.  Her teachers describe Jane as an intelligent, outgoing, and friendly child who loves writing and reading. Jane aspires to become a pediatrician when she grows up.






Hanningtone Kamau

Hanningtone’s teacher describes him as an inquisitive child. He is responsible and organized, keeping careful track of his belongings. At playtime, he never gets tired of sliding down the slides.  Hanningtone’s father is a teacher and his mother is a housewife. There are three children in the family, and Hanningtone is the second born.




James Njenga

To James, a stranger is just a friend he hasn’t met yet, and he is confident enough to introduce himself to anyone. If you’re having a meal with James, he won’t let you eat before he prays. He is an enthusiastic singer and a dancer, and his mother has given him the nickname “Jimmy Charmer”.

James’ father abandoned the family when his mom was pregnant with him. James lives with his mom and two older brothers. His mother does manual labor to support her family.



Janice Nuna 

Janice’s easygoing nature has made it a breeze for her to adjust to preschool and make new friends. She eagerly looks forward to school each day, and soaks up new information. She is especially curious about math. Janice loves playing with dolls, listening to music, and dancing.

Janice’s single mom does manual labor to support her three children. Janice is the youngest child in the family.





Thomas Kairu

Thomas is a reserved child. His teacher says he can count better than anyone in his class. He’s also good at English and soccer. He lives with both parents and his brother. His older brother Joseph also attends Cornerstone. His dad is a farmer and his mother runs a small roadside shop.


David Kingori

David lives with his father, mother and 5 siblings. He enjoys playing group games, jumping rope, and soccer. David’s older brother Macharia also attends Cornerstone.


Dorcas Njeri 

Dorcas lives with her mother and is the youngest of seven children. Her niece (and best friend), Elizabeth Nyakio, also attends Cornerstone. Another niece, Esther Wanjiru, attends LEAP Academy.

Dorcas’ teacher describes her as outspoken and inquisitive. She excels at science, and has aspirations of becoming a doctor.







 An early Christmas gift, this appropriately named boy has reminded us of the blessing of our calling every day since he arrived in October 2015.

Esther Wangui

Esther lives with her parents and four siblings. Esther helps at home by cooking and caring for the family’s animals. She enjoys playing with dolls, jumping rope and singing. Esther is a good student who loves to learn.