Stephen Komo

Stephen is confident, brave, and carefree. He has an easy laugh and loves singing. Toy cars and soccer rank high on his list of favorite things. Stephen has aspirations of becoming a pilot.  Stephen’s parents are both sometimes employed as manual laborers to provide for their five children. Stephen is the youngest child in the family.



John Kaberere

John’s teacher describes him as an observant child who asks great questions. He prefers to be outdoors, especially if he can roll tires, play soccer, or dig in his family’s small vegetable garden.  John is the fifth of six children. His single mom does manual labor to support the family.






Joseph Thairu

One of Joseph’s favorite games is rolling old tires. He also enjoys building with wood or stones. His older sisters have passed along their love of gymnastics to Joseph. At home, Joseph helps by washing dishes and sweeping floors.

Joseph’s dad drives a tractor, and his mother is a farmer. There are three children in the family. Joseph’s older sisters Peninah and Mary attend Cornerstone.



Nicholas Ndirangu

Nicholas lives with his parents, who are both blind. He is the youngest of 4 children.

He’s a quiet and reserved child. Nicholas would love to be a teacher or a farmer when he grows up. His favorite subject is English. If Nicolas could be any animal, he would choose to be an elephant.



Joy Wanjiku 

Joy lives with her single mother. She loves writing and playing soccer. Her teacher describes her as being organized and neat. 

Her older sister Ruth works as a janitor at Cornerstone. 




Samuel Karanja Thuo

Samuel lives with both parents. His mother is a teacher and his father sells second-hand clothing. Samuel is the oldest of two children.

Samuel’s a shy, smily boy who loves soccer. His favorite animal is a chicken, because he loves to eat eggs. He enjoys math and has dreams of becoming a pilot someday. 


Amani Carol

Our hearts feel as though they just might burst with emotion after celebrating Amani Carol’s homecoming. Life is beautiful and over 100 people attested to that this afternoon as we passed Amani Carol from loving arms to loving arms. We will join these loving arms together and raise her with great joy and endless love.  Welcome Home Baby Amani – you are dearly loved! ?



We praise God that He rescued this baby from what was intended to be death and that He has instead given him life. We named him Daniel, meaning God is my judge.
Welcome Home Baby Danny – you are dearly loved! ❤️







Sam became the new undisputed champion of joy in the baby room on the day he arrived at 15 months of age in September 2018. Chunky and lovable, he loves to laugh and play games with everyone.


Mercy Ngoiri

Mercy loves to read, sing, and dance.  Her dad is a manual laborer and her mom does odd jobs like washing clothes.   Mercy is the youngest of 5 children.