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In Home We Find Redemption

by | Oct 17, 2018 | Blog, Featured

Hope Begins When A Child Belongs

For those who haven’t visited us in rural Kenya lately, this post is the second of a six-part series that will update and inform you about our ministry’s incredible expansion over the last few years. Please tune in daily as we highlight our work in Kenya. Today’s focus is Naomi’s Village Home.

Naomi’s Village Home is the foundation of our community – providing complete care for almost 100 Kenyan children left parentless by terrorism, AIDS, disasters, and domestic violence.

But sadly, our kids are not alone. According to UNICEF, Kenya has over 2.6 million orphans. Our vision is to lovingly raise a group of children as leaders to help end this orphan crisis through similar work of their own one day, creating a compassionate ripple effect. To do so, we must give each of them the intentional nurturing and care needed to develop fully and dream unhindered by limits.



Our Home provides more than just basics – we give great healthcare, balanced nutrition, a rich education at LEAP Preschool and Cornerstone Preparatory Academy, leadership training, spiritual care, and counseling to every child. We’ve made Naomi’s Village a love-filled place, the kind where broken children heal and thrive. Our team immerses older children in community outreach to the needy, shaping leaders who value both empathy and planning. We do all this believing our kids will one day rise up and multiply the power of active love for Kenya’s marginalized, and help bring lasting solutions to its orphan and education crises.



Hope Begins When A Child Belongs

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