Our vision is to end Kenya’s generational poverty crisis and systemic corruption by equipping its children for compassionate and courageous leadership.

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Our Mission
Our Focus
Holistic Care
We provide for the unique needs of each one of our children, regardless of efficiency or cost.
We believe that the children entrusted in our care need to be led by Kenyan change-makers, educators and caregivers.
We use proven methods for success in our home, classrooms and community.
Founded in 2013

Cornerstone Preparatory Academy was to help end Kenya’s education crisis, beginning with an innovative, research-based school strategically located in the Great Rift Valley.

We believe that provided with a transformational education, young Kenyans will learn, grow, and become the agents of necessary change in their country.

We inspire greatness in our children by instilling the value of excellence in all things, starting at the very beginning...in their home.

Our Roots

Bob and Julie Mendonsa moved to Kenya in 2008 and broke ground on Naomi’s Village Children’s Home in 2009. Bob retired from his job as a surgeon and Julie as a teacher in July 2010. For a decade now, they’ve worked full-time at Naomi’s Village in daily administration, the holistic care of children, team member training, and directing fundraising efforts.

Bob and Julie plan to live in Kenya indefinitely to help raise Naomi’s Village’s children as future leaders of their nation.

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